We had a pleasant yet active time with this family of 3, Isabel Brandon and their energetic and opinionated toddler! It was easy getting smiles out of this lil three-nager Marcus, but capturing those smiles was a challenge. Luckily I was up for that challenge, and we made some amazing images. You guys were so easy to work with and of course great at getting the kiddo to have fun! Thank you Isabel and Brandon for hiring me to photograph your family, and congratulations on your upcoming blessing number 2! Its been my pleasure to photograph you for the 3rd year in a row, and I can’t wait to photograph the new addition.


Each photoshoot with you is hand created to reflect your beauty, and tell your story. Life is at times sunny and joy filled, and capturing those moments is amazing! But there is another side to life, and I believe we can savour the poignant moments in our lives as well, and celebrate journies and transitions. This photoshoot is dedicated to the bittersweetness of life, the darkness without which there is no light. Big hugs Emily, and thank you for sharing in this journey with me.


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Here are some photos of elopements at the Santa Barbara Courthouse by Barbara of Fine Heart Photography. She is talented and also knows the courthouse intimately, where the light is best at what time of day and in what season!  I can’t wait to tour you around and photograph you and your fiance on your wedding day! Contact Me today to check my calendar and book me!

Santa Barbara Courthouse Elope Elopement Phtographer Fine Heart Photography
Santa Barbara Courthouse Elope Elopement Phtographer Fine Heart Photography photographer
Elope Santa Barbara Courthouse Fine Heart Photography
elope in santa barbara photographer fine heart photography wedding photographer photography
santa barbara courthouse arches staircase wedding elope photo photography
santa barbara courthouse photography mission room wedding elope elopement fine heart photography

It was my honor to witness Kathleen and Scott get married and be there to document this auspicious occasion in timeless photographs. I captured their unique bond beautifully, set against the backdrop of the gorgeous Santa Barbara Courthouse. Their love radiates all throughout the slideshow. Congratulations Kathleen and Scott on your elopement!

– Barbara De Santa Barbara

Angela and her family welcomed this new addition to the family a few short weeks ago. Smiling time is the best time to capture baby’s expressions! I just love the range we get here, not only some awesome smiles but some ‘intrigued’ faces and relaxed faces, and some all out laughs! Capturing the love the new addition adds to your family, sibling photos and a few family photos makes my heart smile. What a doll this little lady was to work with, she just nodded right off in the middle of her shoot like it wasn’t no thang! What a trooper! Little Uriah was a gem as always too, I’ve watched him grow since his I photographed his first birthday party! When I left he said ‘come back again soon!’ Getting to know your family as it grows over the years has been so heart warming! Thank you Angela for having me over to photograph you and yours in your very own backyard!

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