Hello Fellow Photographer!

I put together this page to convey all the info about me that is important when hiring an Associate or Second shooter!


My Gear

  • Canon 6D
  • 3 Batteries
  • 430 Ex II Flash
  • Youngno Flash Triggers
  • Lenses
    • 70-200 2.8 IS II
    • 24-70 2.8 II
    • 85 1.8
    • 50 1.4

My Style

I love to tell the story of the wedding day with my photographs. I focus in on emotion, and I truly love weddings because it’s an emotional smorgasbord for me to savor! I love photographing candids! I love catching natural smiles as they are happening throughout the day and crystalizing those precious moments for your clients to enjoy forever. I love bright and airy romantic photographs where the pretty light, composition, and expression adds to the love story of this precious day.

My Skills and Experience

I’m a born photo enthusiast, and I carried around a film camers since age 16 and really learned to nail timing and composition. I have a BA in Psychology, and 13 years experience in IT support, both of which comingle to create the ideal combo of skills to meld into a great photographer. I can get smiles and eye sparkles, and I can use my exposure triangle and other camera skills to capture them well! Yes, of course I shoot in full manual and raw! The only time I’ll swap to a program mode is when we are walking from site to site,  and light is changing and I want to be at the ready in case a cute candid moment comes up.

I have photographed about 20 weddings over the last 2 years, about half as the primary and half as a second. I have completed a class on wedding photography that goes over etiquette as a second, timeline, detail shots, formal portraits, etc. I have also been mentored by one of the top wedding photographers in Santa Barbara. She taught me the perils of low shutter speeds, the joy of using the correct lens for the correct situation, how to shoot the backlight, and so much more!

I have no problem shooting either the groomsman or bridesmaids getting ready, and have done both several times. I know the ceremony dance where we cross paths for different perspectives. I take direction well. What else can you ask for? How about someone who is fun yet also professional? I will show up on time, with batteries charged, gear prepped, dressed appropriately, with a smile on my face. I’m fun to have at your side as your running buddy that day, and if there’s any down time I will attempt to hydrate you 🙂 As a second I’m there for you, and to make you look good in the eyes of your client!

I’m outgoing and personable and very comfortable handling groups, and can reign in the families and bridal parties like a boss. Most times seconding will be a silent and supportive role, and I’m happy to melt into the scenery and make amazing images, but if you need me to step in and wrangle groups and help organize the formals, I’m your gal!

Other Notes

My business is based in Santa Barbara Ca. I’m intimately aquainted with the Santa Barbara courthouse and know all the best shooting spots! I’ve also shot at The Doubletree, The Belmond El Encanto, beaches, the Cabrillo Arts Pavillion, Stella Mares, and many other top local venues. I’m also familiar with the best locations for enagements and portraits!

I do tend toward candids, so I will probably shoot about 1000-1500 images in an 8 hour wedding day. If you want me to take a more measured approch I can reduce my quantity to match what you are going for, just let me know.

Since the 6D only has an SD slot, I’m happy to shoot on your card, or shoot on my own and drop box you the raw files. I always do so within a day or so.

A final note about me is I have another brand which focuses on pinup girl portraits, and vintage styled family and couples shoots. I have studied Sue Bryce style portraiture, and I love shooting women and making gorgeous portraits. As of today (8/9/16) I am in process of updating this website both in terms of structure and current photographs.

Here is a link to a recent wedding I shot solo.  Here are my instagram and facebook for Fine Heart Photography, and here is the Facebook and Instagram for The Barbarazzi. I would definintely like permission to use my photos on my blog and social media if possible 🙂


Let’s sync our camera time and get shootin’! At 2 years in, I’m still new enough to be excited by the wedding day, yet seasoned enough to get the shots right. My standard rate for second shooting is $50 an hour (but if I replied to your job posting at a specific rate, I’m good with that rate – or I wouldn’t have posted 😉 I accept cash, check, or paypal delivered at the end of the shooting day. Feel free to email me at fineheartphotographysb@gmail.com or call/ text for more info. If you’re in the Santa Barbara area and want to meet up and chat I’d love to! 805 637 0752

Weddings by Fine Heart Photography

Weddings by Fine Heart Photography


Weddings by Fine Heart Photography

Weddings by Fine Heart Photography

Wedding Photography by Fine Heart Photography

Wedding Photography by Fine Heart Photography


Weddings by Fine Heart Photography

Weddings by Fine Heart Photography




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