More information about me and Fine Heart Photography


Q. What is your turn around time? How soon will we see our images? 

I will edit and upload your gallery within 4-6 weeks and I will offer previews within the week. Sometimes you’ll get a sneak by the next day!

Q. Are you a professional photographer?

A. Yes, and thank you for asking! Its so important to trust your wedding day memories to a pro! I’m a licensed and insured business owner with 35 years photography experience and 5 years as a full time working professional photographer. When you work with me we will sign a contract so you’ll have the dates, turn around times, etc in writing!

Q. Do you have professional photography gear?

A. Yes, and another great question! I have a Canon Full Frame body as well as a back up camera body (so important in case your camera dies on you!). I also have several prime lenses for portraits (so key for the beauty images), the newest hottest zoom lenses to capture the ceremony and dancing action, flashes (with remotes for off camera use), the macro lens for ring shots,  and all the gear I need to tackle the challenges a wedding day throws my way! Any light situation, from full bright sun, to dancing in the dark, I’ve been there, photographed that, and can do it right!

Q. Will you pose us?

A. Absolutely. In addition to being a wedding photographer, I am a many times published glamor photographer, specializing in vintage / pinup style images. I am an expert at posing you and your fiance (and bridal party) and will work with the right lenses, light etc to make you look stunning. I have photographed all shapes and sizes of brides and grooms and am an expert in coaching you. You will feel comfortable and at ease, that is my special thing (my clients thank me in  love notes for this all the time!)

Q. How many weddings have you photographed? 

A. I have photographed dozens of weddings not only as a primary photographer, but I am frequently hired by other photographers to work along side them on their wedding days. Getting hired by other photographers is tough, they know their stuff (that means I am doing the things right)!

Q. Hablas Espanol?

A. Mi Espanol es asi asi, pero por fotos esta tan bien! Puedo habla con la familia y tomar los fotos con tu abuelita si ella no habla ingles, no hay problema! Toto esta bien con Barbara de Santa Barbara! Si neccesitas una persona fluente, puedo portar un segundo fotographia quien puedo hablar mejor que yo! Jaja! Did I get that right? I do ok 🙂

Q.  Are you educated in photography?

A. Yes, I studied photography formally at SBCC and took coursework specifically in wedding photography. I was also mentored by one of the top photographers in Santa Barbara! In addition to this I have completed coursework online on (flash, depth of field, etc), Phlearn (lightroom editing) and Creative Live. I am experienced in all aspects of photography but there is no teacher like years of shooting on the job in manual mode, reviewing your work in the lightroom and taking another shot to improve! This process on repeat is what has helped me hone my skills and become a master of photography. So in addition to my Psychology Degree and my extensive technical background, I do have formal photography training in top of my years of professional experience.


Q. Why should I pick you?

A. In addition to stunning images that reflect the magic of your wedding day, I’m just a joy to work with! I will make you all smile, set up gorgeous scenes to photograph, and help get you to the church (or beach, or courthouse, or estate) on time! I provide amazing customer service, and if that isn’t enough did I mention I’m a hoot to have around? You will spend a lot of your wedding day with your photographer, so make sure you like having them around! I’m happy to buy you coffee, a donut or another treat so we can meet and see if we are a match! Give me a call and lets talk wedding details!

(805) 637-0752