We had a pleasant yet active time with this family of 3, Isabel Brandon and their energetic and opinionated toddler! It was easy getting smiles out of this lil three-nager Marcus, but capturing those smiles was a challenge. Luckily I was up for that challenge, and we made some amazing images. You guys were so easy to work with and of course great at getting the kiddo to have fun! Thank you Isabel and Brandon for hiring me to photograph your family, and congratulations on your upcoming blessing number 2! Its been my pleasure to photograph you for the 3rd year in a row, and I can’t wait to photograph the new addition.


Enjoy the slideshow from the Anfinsen’s family photoshoot 2021.


Helen and Mark’s wedding was a lovely celebration to remember forever! They were married by dear friends at Mark’s work, the Salvation Army church. The reception was at the historic El Paseo restaurant. It was a beautiful fall wedding and I’m so lucky I got to photograph these two love birds and friends! Thank you Helen and Mark, and Congratulations on being married!

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There are many beautiful beaches in Santa Barbara you can have a small intimate ceremony on. If you have a large party, or need a specific space reserved then getting a city permit may be the thing to do!

However, if its just you and your fiance, an officiant and maybe a witness or 2, then that really opens up options. Don’t get stuck on the beaches along Cabrillo blvd either. Sure East Beach, Butterfly Beach and Ledbetter are great places to get married, but don’t discount Hendries, More Mesa, and some other off the beaten path spots. The Santa Barbara coast has beaches and bluffs with ocean views that span all the way from Carpinteria Ca to Goleta. Some beaches are set better for a Western view of the susnet, while others may have sand that dissappears at high tide!

If you’re planning a low key beach elopement, I’d be happy to chat with you about various beach locations and what they look like. I can give you details like how far you have to walk from car to location, what the view looks like at different times of day, the lighting, the crowds and so much more!

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I am Barbara of Santa Barbara and I want you to have the full Santa Barbara experience for your wedding! I have a wealth of knowledge about the local area! When you hire me to photograph you, you get all my local tips and tricks.  Not just ceremony location, officiant, and florals, but I also give you tips on local attractions, restaurants, and more! Contact me anytime to discuss your wedding or elopement details.

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Santa Barbara is a beautiful backdrop where you can elope! The photographs I’ve taken at elopements in this area are some of my favorite images! To elope in SB is a no brainer – we have the year-round mild weather, so you can elope any calendar date you like!  And the variety  of gorgeous backdrops to elope in is amazing – from the bluffs overlooking the pacific ocean to the green flower covered parks the options are many! The only problem is where to elope? As your photographer, I would love to have a vote on where you elope! I’m as invested as you are in making amazing images of this romantic and sentimental moment, so here are my suggestions for venues.

My top 3 locations to get married or elope in and around Santa Barbara are below. Since I’m a photographer, let me tell this story visually.  Click on the photos below to see more about each location.

The Santa Barbara Courthouse is a beautiful place to elope!


Alice Keck Park always has some flowers in bloom that make for a romantic dreamy backdrop for photos!

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The bluffs in Ellwood in Goleta make for a stunning sunset show to usher in your first married moments!


There is always something in bloom in Santa Barbara, but you have to know when and where. The gardens and parks all bloom different flowers different times of year! My worth comes in my creative talent, my excellent service and the finished art, but add to that the knowledge of the best spots to elope in and around town!  This is only my top 3 for today, but I’ll add more soon.  If you want to pick my brain about the perfect location for your proposed date, feel free to call or email me. I’ve lived in Santa Barbara a few decades and am in tune with the seasons and so many hot – and cool spots in town. And I discover more all the time! I would be honored to share your elopement and be the one to capture the moments so you can enjoy your elopement images happily ever after!

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Elope in the beautiful sunken gardens of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse! Enjoy the ethereal 360 views while you exchange vows in front of your whole village, or enjoy a more intimate setting with just you and your fiancé!

For a full wedding ceremony, setting up guests by the fiesta stage ensures a full view of the tower and arch, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous architecture.

If you choose to elope, there are several spaces you can choose outdoors, and on really cool spot in the courthouse itself! Its just a little nook on the second floor in the office where you get your license, but it has some cool curtains, cielings and other elements to enjoy that many who visit this courthouse never get to see!

Jason and Jenny got married at Alice Keck Park Santa Barbara in an intimate ceremony with family and friends! Congratulations Jason and Jenny!

Congratulations Rey and Bryan on your wedding day! You are an amazing couple full of joy and love and surrounded by those who love you dearly! It was a beautiful day to join two beautiful souls.

Rey and Bryan enjoyed their wedding surrounded by family and friends! One of the best ways to enjoy your wedding day photography is a photobooth! We offer photobooth services so you and your friends can enjoy your Santa Barbara wedding for days to come!

Eloping in Santa Barbara is easy! Make sure you have a witness, or you’ll pay them $51 to witness you! Of course, as your photographer I’m  happy to fill in!

To elope in Santa Barara, you simply need to fill out a license online, then set up a time to take an oath, sign papers, pay the fees, and then you can get hitched right then and there, with the gorgeous Santa Barbara Courthouse as a backdrop! Of course you will want to book me, Barbara, an amazing photographer who makes the process fun and delivers gorgeous images! Below is the link to the online marriage license form. Scroll down to find some useful links for eloping! Enjoy my courthouse wedding photography along the way. – Barbara

Some things you might not know:

You need a witness or else you pay a $51 witness fee. Your lovely photographer can be your witness.

You can have a friend appointed BY the courthouse to perform your ceremony (no need to go online to a church).

Helpful Links

Santa Barbara Marriage License Application

Make an Appt for Marriage Ceremony  (costs $23 and takes 48 hours)

Get more information on elopement photography from FineHeartPhotography!

Here’s a slideshow of images from Tanya and Billy’s courthouse elopement.

Get more information on marriage in Santa Barbara County

Best of luck to you and many happy returns!




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