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There are so many good reasons to get dolled up and do a wedding photoshoot outside of your actual wedding day!  Maybe you need a redo because didn’t hire a pro, or perhpas it was raining, and you were really hoping for outdoor images with soft golden light, or you got married on a boat, and poses and backgrounds were limited. Maybe you secretly disliked your hair or makeup but didn’t say anything at the time, or it could be you purposely arranged to do longer portraits after the big day so you could spend more time with friends! Or maybe you just want to show off how you still fit in that dress in an anniversary shoot every year! There are so many reasons why you might want to do a portrait session in your wedding attire after your wedding day. And that’s what Cherish and James wanted to do for their Anniversary. Cherish is a pinup girl, and just loves getting dolled up in that classic old hollywood style! And her new husband Jimmy was also more than willing to don his wedding clothes and stand by her side for some lovely portraits!

Wedding Photographer Santa Barbara Mission Elope Fine Heart Photography

Cherish and James originally got married on a boat! They liked their photos, and thanked their photographer for his work, but they also recognized that a boat has limited options in terms of posing and lighting. They didn’t have time set aside on their timeline for extensive photos, nor did they want to leave their guests for an hour or more. What Cherish did want was amazing high quality images she could hang on her wall, so we set her up with this amazing anniversary shoot in beautiful Santa Barbara Ca.

Santa Barbara Wedding Photography The Mission Fine Heart Photography Elopement Photography
Wedding Photographer Santa Barbara The MIssion Elopement Fine Heart Photography

It was a lovely day! Most of the time, weddings are on a strict timeline! And you better believe as your photographer I’m going to honor that timeline that you so carefully crafted! On this day we didn’t have that limitation. We just had a couple hours to make pretty, and boy did we!

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Elopement Fine Heart Photography
Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Fine Heart Photography Elope

Since Cherish and James love that pinup style, we also managed to score a mid century Ford Truck! The cream color with red accents was just perfect for a pinup themed bridal shoot! We also used one of my classic vintage brooch boquets to set off this scene!

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Fine Heart Photography
Santa Barbara Pinup Wedding Photographer Fine Heart Photography
Santa Barabara Wedding Photographer Elopement Fine Heart Photography
Santa Barbara Wedding Photography Fine Heart Photography
Santa Barbara Wedding Photography Fine Heart Photography Vintage

I finished off the session with some Halloween themed ring shots for these cats, who love fantasy and are just ‘Halloween all year long’ kinda people!

Santa Barbara Halloween Photography Theme Wedding
santa Barbara wedding theme photographer

The below image is my aboslute fav from this session! It combines my two loves, wedding and pinup photography! Since I know Cherish from the pinup community, I knew she’d love this edgy sassy pinup pose! Doesn’t she look dashing?

Thank you so much Cherish and James for allowing me to make these gorgeous images with you! I know you will treasure them for life! Click here to see Cherish and James’ full gallery of wedding anniversary photos.

Santa Barbara Wedding Photography Fine Heart Photography

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