OK, I’m just going to say it: hire local vendors for your Santa Barbara wedding! I am Barbara De Santa Barbara, wedding photographer in Santa Barbara. I can help work with lighting and locations to make your wedding day images stunning!

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I have years experience working weddings primarily in Santa Barbara! I know the venues, the caterers, the florists, I’ve seen ’em all! I can answer your candid questions, things you really need to know like where to brunch the next day, which beaches have the right waves, how to go on a wine tour the right way. These kinds of insiders tips help jump start your planning for your Santa Barbara wedding!

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Feel free to contact me today with vendor referalls and to discuss your wedding photography desires!

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Here are some photos of elopements at the Santa Barbara Courthouse by Barbara of Fine Heart Photography. My package is under $500 and you get me for 2 hours! I know this courthouse like the back of my hand, and I can’t wait to tour you around and photograph your lovely wedding day! Contact Me today to check my calendar and book me!

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Santa Barbara Courthouse Elope Elopement Phtographer Fine Heart Photography photographer
Elope Santa Barbara Courthouse Fine Heart Photography
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John and Channing eloped at the Santa Barbara Courthouse June 18 2019. It was my honor to capture these two in their playful love and unique bond. They were so naturally sweet and in love, and that really comes through in the photos. Here is a short preview video of some of my favorite images! I will deliver these and a few dozen more, and I hope the images along with this slideshow will properly tell the story of this blessed occasion and their special connection on this amazing day.

Here’s a link to more info on getting married in SB at the courthouse! If you’re ready to hire the best photographer contact me today! Elopement packages are $475 and come with 2 hours photography, an online gallery and a slideshow set to music.

It was my honor to witness Kathleen and Scott get married and be there to document this auspicious occasion in timeless photographs. I captured their unique bond beautifully, set against the backdrop of the gorgeous Santa Barbara Courthouse. Their love radiates all throughout the slideshow. Congratulations Kathleen and Scott on your elopement!

– Barbara De Santa Barbara

santa barbara barbara wedding photographer fine heart photography elopement elope destination wedding goletaHi I’m “Santa Barbara Barbara” and I’d love to give you the insiders tips on getting married in Santa Barbara!

Hiring local vendors is always a great idea, but hiring a local photographer is even more valueable! Local photographers are at home near your location, and have ample opportunities to scout out the location. In my case, the case of “Santa Barbara Barbara” I am well aquainted with the many wedding venues in Santa Barbara. I know the lighting, the best places to shoot your wedding party photos, and how to get around town. I can suggest backdrops for photos that will enhance your gorgeous hair and makeup with lovely warm light! I have connections to other vendors in town, and I can offer recommendations.

If you are having a Santa Barbara destination wedding, you can’t go wrong with ‘Santa Barbara Barbara’ at your service! I can give you restaurant recomendations for brunch the next day, sights you shouldn’t miss while you are here, and the locals secrets I will only tell you after you hire me! Ha!

Whether you are a local or coming into this gorgeous city to get married, hiring a photographer that knows the local venues, parks and beaches in invaluable! Feel free to call me anytime to chat about why I’d choose September over June (did you know its gloomy much of June in SB?), and a wealth of other information that will make your special wedding day even more fantastic!

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There are many beautiful beaches in Santa Barbara you can have a small intimate ceremony on. If you have a large party, or need a specific space reserved then getting a city permit may be the thing to do!

However, if its just you and your fiance, an officiant and maybe a witness or 2, then that really opens up options. Don’t get stuck on the beaches along Cabrillo blvd either. Sure East Beach, Butterfly Beach and Ledbetter are great places to get married, but don’t discount Hendries, More Mesa, and some other off the beaten path spots. The Santa Barbara coast has beaches and bluffs with ocean views that span all the way from Carpinteria Ca to Goleta. Some beaches are set better for a Western view of the susnet, while others may have sand that dissappears at high tide!

If you’re planning a low key beach elopement, I’d be happy to chat with you about various beach locations and what they look like. I can give you details like how far you have to walk from car to location, what the view looks like at different times of day, the lighting, the crowds and so much more!

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I am Barbara of Santa Barbara and I want you to have the full Santa Barbara experience for your wedding! I have a wealth of knowledge about the local area! When you hire me to photograph you, you get all my local tips and tricks.  Not just ceremony location, officiant, and florals, but I also give you tips on local attractions, restaurants, and more! Contact me anytime to discuss your wedding or elopement details.

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As a wedding photographer living and working in Santa Barbara since 1997 I’m very familiar with the most popular venues in the area. If you are searching for a wedding venue in Santa Barbara, Ca this page will give you an idea of general options. The most iconic thing about Santa Barbara is the scenery. It is simply gorgeous here! The beach and mountain views are stunning, but if you pick the wrong venue you might not get the best Santa Barbara has to offer! There are many wedding venues in Santa Barbara Ca including a number of outdoor parks and beaches that capture the essence and the magic that is Santa Barbara!

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If you really want an eyefull, get out there on the beach or the bluffs overlooking the ocean! There are so many parks and beaches with a view in Santa Barbara, nad I’d be happy to talk to you about them, how the light is in each one, and which I’d choose. My favorites have to be Elwood Bluffs and Alice Keck Park! 

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Wedding Photographer Satna Barbara Photography Santa Barbara Courthouse Weddings Fine Heart Photography Elope Elopement
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Elope Santa Barbara Courthouse Fine Heart Photography

Santa Barbara Courthouse

The most iconic Santa Barbara outdoor wedding venue is the Santa Barbara Courthouse, my all time favorite location to photograph couples.  Nothing says ‘Santa Barbara’ more than this gorgeous building. You can have weddings out in the garden, or indoors in the mural room. Its also one of the most cost effective venues in terms of beauty per dollar! You can do just the ceremony, or recently they added reception service as well!

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Waterfront And Ocean View Hotels

There are many indoor venues in Santa Barbara from churches to rental halls to restaurants and hotels. Some are extravagant and with sweeping views and breathtaking sights, while others might make you feel you are in a school auditorium. Above I listed some of the most inexpensive but still gorgeous wedding venue options, here I will cover a few of the most popular high end wedding venues along the waterfront.

The Hilton of Santa Barbara is one of the most iconic venues. Its situated right across from the ocean, and has a gorgeous routunda area that many choose to get married in. It is a very swanky hotel, full service venue, and priced as such. If you have the budget, this is one of the very best places in Santa Barbara to get married!

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The Ritz Carlton (formerly the Bacara) is a deluxe resort for those for whom budget is a lesser concern. The hotel caters to high end clientele, and has a spa and several restaurants on site. It is located in Goleta, a bit away from downtown Santa Barbara proper, but if your interested in an all inclusive resort style experience set directly on the beach, you are looking for the Ritz Carlton!

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The Belmond El Encanto is another supremely deluxe resort, though more boutique in nature than the Ritz carlton. They cater to the high end crowd, serve wonderful food and their staff is known for their excellent service. This resort is tucked up in the Santa Barbara Riviera so you get the majestic Riveria views of the ocean as well as city views, the harbor and more.

Hyatt Santa Barbara is across from the ocean, and a lovely high end resort. Its not quite as swanky as the above, but priced a bit better. They venue is great and the location is wonderful too! Their indoor reception room is on the 2nd floor with windows that look over to the beach!

Somwehere In Between..

In between the simplicity of your toes in the sand outdoors and the luxury of high end all inclusive resorts are a number of very popular wedding venues. I have been part of weddings at the Riviera Mansion, Ty Warner Sea Center, Natural History Museum, The Maritime Museum, The Santa Barbara Zoo, The Santa Barbara Mission (if you are Catholic), or the Rose Garden if you just want the views, and a long list of Churches including the everpopular Unitarian Society,  Our lady of Sorrows has the stained glass catherdral vibes, and the Greek Orthodox has great views at a very competative price!

As a seasoned wedding pro I have photographed weddings at each of these locations, and know all about the best spots, timing, lighting, etc. If you would like to chit chat about planning your wedding, call me anytime! I would love to be your photographer and help guide you through your amazing Santa Barbara Wedding!

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Hi I’m Barbara of Santa Barbara, and I’d love to chat with you about your wedding photography vision! 

Whether you are just starting out planning, or have your plans nearly all set I’d love to hear all about you and what I can do to help you capture the love and connection of you and your fiancé on your wedding day. 

Call or text anytime! 805 637 0752

 email barbarabyrge@gmail.com 

Elope in Santa Barbara, what a great idea! The weather is supurb year round, which makes it great for planning. Join your beloved in wedded bliss in gorgeous Santa Barbara whether you choose to get married at the Santa Barbara Courthouse, or a beautiful beach location, you have so many options. But don’t forget to hire a local florist for a bouquet and boutonniere. The florals will add a touch of flair to a simple affair. They add a pop of color against a white dress or dark suit. They give you something to raise in your hand and fist pump and visually say ‘WE DID IT!’ Its also a way for you to add your personal touch to your day. Just because you are eloping doesn’t mean you have to be boring, simple can be elegant and florals put some memorable touches into the day.


These florals for by Jen at Twisted Twig.  I have photographed her arrangements on a few occasions and she truly does a lovely job. This bride was over the moon with how her boquet came out, and even though they eloped she got flowers for her girls too! It was a beautiful day and the floral touches just helped reflect that beauty.

To contact Jen visit their website or call her today!  714.414.6232

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Angela and her family welcomed this new addition to the family a few short weeks ago. Smiling time is the best time to capture baby’s expressions! I just love the range we get here, not only some awesome smiles but some ‘intrigued’ faces and relaxed faces, and some all out laughs! Capturing the love the new addition adds to your family, sibling photos and a few family photos makes my heart smile. What a doll this little lady was to work with, she just nodded right off in the middle of her shoot like it wasn’t no thang! What a trooper! Little Uriah was a gem as always too, I’ve watched him grow since his I photographed his first birthday party! When I left he said ‘come back again soon!’ Getting to know your family as it grows over the years has been so heart warming! Thank you Angela for having me over to photograph you and yours in your very own backyard!

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